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Cupcake Lolita!

FS: Sexy Santa 3 piece!!

I've been putting this off for years, but finally have come round to getting rid of this sexy santa outfit that I have used once for a photo shoot.

What you get:

1x Santa Hat
1x Skirt w/belt
1x Top (as shown in shop image)
+ a free red feather boa!

Price: $20 plus shipping

Will ship internationally!

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Cupcake Lolita!

Selling things

I'm going to post up my re-enactment clothing to sell,  It's taking up way too much space in my cupboards and I'm never going to use them again from what I can see in the future. These would be perfect for steampunk :D

If you are in the market for Victorian period style goods here is a list of what I have:

Period correct Bloomers (with open crotch) Close up detail - NWOT $25
White Chemise free With bloomers SOLD!
Blue Shawl $6
Black Woolen Crochetted shawl  $5
Light Brown Crochetted shawl $5
beige crochetted shawl $5
Beige Cape $15
Blue Checkered Empire Regency Dress
Four  Tiered adjustable hoop skirt - Pictured Worn under a dress (maroon dress not for sale) $20
Sky Blue Velveteen high collar dress - Handmade $30
Pink Floral Flanelette type material high collar Dress - Handmade $30
this comes with a little purse and a round headdress
Green Satin ball gown - handmade (this was once a wedding dress, but a friend dyed it and customised it for me) Front Back Close up 1 Close up 2 $20
First picture is with the hoop skirt
Carpet bag $5
Tie up pocket $10

I have three Martha McCain "Fashion History" Patterns for sale as well, all unused and uncut:


All are the 6-12 size patterns

Price: $10 each, $25 dollars for all three 
SOLD In transit :D

The sizes for the dresses are about a 12 to a small 14.

here is my ebay feedback as a frequent buyer and a not so often seller

Let me know if you are interested in anything, I have the measurements and pix of the dresses, so please don't be afraid to ask me :)